Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Merry Christmas Baby!

I know it's January and I'm still writing about Christmas but we just had our last Christmas celebration on January 7th.  We celebrated Christmas with Jeff's family this weekend.  We decided to have Christmas at our house this year for a few reasons.  The first being that as a part of Jeff's parents Christmas gift we bought a family photo session with a local photographer, the second being that we wanted to spend more than just a few short hours celebrating with family and lastly so that Carson and Bennett wouldn't be so tired because we celebrated so late at night, like usual.

It was a nice, mostly relaxing weekend.  We spent Friday night chatting and catching up, LOTS of good conversation.  Then on Saturday morning we opened gifts (just like it was Christmas morning).  Of course everyone loved everything they got and we all got more than our fair share.  Saturday afternoon we had a wonderful lasagna dinner with Caesar salad and garlic bread sticks.  For dinner that evening we had an appetizer assortment.  Lastly, on Sunday we had our family pictures and I'm eagerly waiting to see them.

So for my picture, and there were plenty to choose from, is of me opening some of Bennett's gifts.  I rarely take photos of myself and I decided now was a great time to include one of me in with the rest.